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Olivia Hart


Tallula, IL USA    


Troy, you were absolutely amazing. You made this whole day possible and made it so much better than we imagined. I can’t believe how much work you put into this. We were all beyond impressed.  You coordinated the wedding from beginning to end. You were at the the venue leading to and on the wedding day more than the bride herself! I thought as a DJ, you would play music and make announcements, and as an officiant, you would just speak during the ceremony. No. You handled the wedding from beginning to end. ​ You helped set up, you gave advice on so many things, you BABYSAT when the bride was in a pinch, you taught us (bridal party) exactly where to stand, how to stand, and how to walk during the ceremony, you comforted the overly anxious bride, you spend hours helping us rehearse either the patience of a saint, you kept us on schedule, you led us through the whole event. I didn’t know much of what was going on, I just followed your direction the whole way through. ​ You gave so much of yourself to this. You met with the bride several times before the wedding, took notes on notes on notes, asked every question you could think of to make sure the bride had everything go exactly how she wanted it. You were so selfless. My sister deserved the best, and she got it because of you. ​ Your words were beautiful during the ceremony. You had us laughing and crying. You brought their love to life with words that made the romance so visceral to the crowd. You even threw in some surprises like having the bride and groom share amazing memories that I didn’t even know about. Ha, I even got goosebumps when I first met you. You looked me in the eye and held my hand with both of yours and told me how happy you were to meet me (the maid of honor). I’ve never met someone like you. ​ Thank you for putting your ALL into this wedding that will never be forgotten because of you. You’re such a talented and charismatic person. Everyone in my family was beyond impressed with you. ​ We absolutely love you!!!! ​ Anyone that doesn’t use you for their event is missing out.

Chris & Jessica Shade


Barry, IL USA  


There is so much I would love to say about Troy! He is amazing. The full package. Not only will he keep your friends, family and kids dancing and have the time of their lives, but will also become your friend and confidante in the process. His wonderful personality will keep you smiling and laughing even when you feel overwhelmed. His knowledge of weddings and all that encompasses them is phenomenal. He checked on me all day even bringing me waters and keeping our kiddos entertained while we decorated. He truly is an amazing DJ and person, and there is no one I would recommend more for your event!

Alyssa Pierson


Springfield, IL USA  


I just have to tell you that Hayden and I had the best day yesterday!! It was perfect and there is truly not one thing we would change. Also, if I had a dollar for every time someone told me that this was “ the most fun”, “the best wedding in a long time”, “stunning, beautiful day”, I would be a rich girl! You made our day go so smooth and wonderful. Thank you so much!


Josh & Kayleigh Voigtlander


Springfield, IL  USA


Troy was the first vendor we booked and there’s a reason why! He was present during the planning process and during the day of! He communicates excellently and sure made this bride feel comfortable and at ease! Thank you, Troy!


Jason & Amy Dunn


Springfield, IL  USA


Troy is the BEST! When I got engaged, I knew right away that I wanted Troy as our DJ! I’ve known him for many years, and I liked knowing what I was getting. Planning a wedding can be difficult and stressful but planning during a Pandemic is even worse. Troy made everything so simple and fun for us. He was with us every step of the way. When we said we wanted fun, games, and everyone enjoying themselves all night, we knew Troy would be the one who would accomplish that! We had a lot of kids in our family and he made sure to include them in so many parts of the night! He made them feel very special. He encourages us, celebrated with us, and made us feel like true royalty all night long! His entertainment, music, and communication skills are top notch! We will always recommend Troy!


Paxton Langheim


Litchfield, IL USA  


Troy was the man. I can’t put into words how appreciative we are of him. He’s not just a DJ, he is a coordinator and an all around “what can I do to help!?” guy. We had meetings leading up to the big day and he was always just a phone call or message away. He is organized and professional. There was not one time the dance floor was empty! He made sure to include everyone and play the fun and sentimental songs we requested. If you book anyone for your event, book Troy.


Tim & Morgan Meloy


Jacksonville, IL USA


Troy, we would like to thank you for a magical wedding day! Your assistance in the chapel and at the reception was great. There’s a reason you have bookings for 2020 already!


Kevin & Taylor Trotter


Carthage, IL USA  


Troy Armstrong is the BEST DJ. He was so good at getting everyone out on the dance floor, had fun activities for the kiddos, and he just has a great energy! Not only does he do his DJ duties, he’d very helpful in the planning/coordinating process! He DJ’ed my wedding at Lake Hill!


Megan Koch


Springfield, IL  USA  


I contacted several DJs in a last minute attempt to get someone booked for our February wedding. Troy was the only one who responded within the same day. He was extremely flexible, rescheduling appointments several times last minute due to a number of family emergencies we experienced in the months leading up to our wedding. He even assisted in coordinating the processional at our wedding to make the process extremely smooth and enjoyable. It would be difficult to express how appreciative my husband and I are of Troy and all the help and support he provided us in a challenging time to ensure we were still able to enjouy our wedding and that it went off without any issues. Never would I have imagined upon our first meeting that Troy would become suck and instrumental player in our wedding day festivities. I strongly recommend welcoming Troy as your DJ vendor and feeling open enough to express any issues you have or run into as he is more than capable of assisting in mumerous other roles on your wedding day (and eager to step in at the last moment to do so!)


Jamie Wilson


Litchfield, IL  USA

Screaming a Great Big THANK YOU to the best DJ ever!!! We appreciate everything you did for us, not only on our wedding day, but all the days leading up to it! You were a true blessing Troy. Love your 10-10-2020 bride and Groom, Mr. and Mrs. Josh Jones.

Olivia Hart (2).png

Sean & Samantha Lee


Burlington, IA  USA

I will take this opportunity to say what a wonderful job you did at that wedding, Troy! You were good with the adults and children alike. You played great music and kept it loud enough for those who preferred to visit. Thank you for doing your best for Sean and Samantha.

Olivia Hart (1).png

David & Lora Monroe


St Louis, MO USA

Wow. I don’t have words. Troy was the first person we booked for our wedding after we got engaged. He did not disappoint. The amount of preparation and likeableness makes him a must for any event. No wedding planner? No problem. Troy is on top of everything and will make sure your day is great!

Testimonial Frames TA DJ.png

Spencer Range, Waverly HS Prom


Waverly, IL  USA

Troy DJ'd our small school's prom and was involved, HIGHLY responsive, positive, and exceedingly helpful from beginning to end. He kept the energy high, fun, and people dancing the entire night of the dance and was as professional as could be. Our prom was a success in large measure due to his ability to liven a room with his natural caring and positivity. Students and I can't wait to have him DJ for our school again in the future!!!! THANK YOU Troy!

Testimonial Frames TA DJ (3).png

Dustin & Bethany Bowser 


Jacksonville, IL  USA

You did an amazing job of making my daughter's wedding meaningful, light hearted, joyful and movng at a pace that wasn't rushed or stressful. Your charismatic personality makes all the difference! Honestly one of the best weddings I have been to (not biased at all 😉)! Again, thank you for giving us all this great memory!

Testimonial Frames TA DJ (2).png

Shawn & Brittany Jackson


Jacksonville, IL USA

I was the Matron of Honor in a wedding that Troy DJ'd and officiated this weekend and I cannot say enough great things about how truly phenomenal he was! From planning help, to rehearsal dinner, the acutal wedding day, and the after party, Troy was there every step of the way! 10/10 recommend for all your wedding needs!

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